Additional relevant information

Notification of changes; payment of insurance contributions; equity grants; burial expenses; benefits not collected by the eligible person

Notification of changes

A person receiving dependents’ benefits is required to notify the National Insurance Institute in writing of any change that takes place for him/her or his/her dependents within 30 days of the date of the change, such as a change in address, change in marital status, or receipt of any other benefits from the National Insurance Institute.

Payment of insurance contributions

Widow/ers who receive dependents’ benefits and are self-employed, as well as widowers who do not work at all - must continue to pay insurance contributions. Their income from the benefit is not considered income liable for insurance contributions.

If they are employed - their employers must continue to pay their insurance contributions.

Widows who receive dependents’ benefits who do not work at all - are not required to pay insurance contributions.

Other dependents who are required to pay insurance contributions themselves and receive a benefit - are required to continue paying insurance contributions from their work income.

Equity grants

The National Insurance Institute is permitted to provide equity grants in accordance with the rules and amounts determined by the regulations, to a person whose claim for dependents’ benefits was denied because the deceased had not fulfilled his/her registration commitments or was delinquent in paying insurance contributions. The grant shall replace the legal benefit which was denied and eligibility for it shall be reviewed according to principles of justice or neediness set in the regulations.

In order to receive the grant, please submit a request on a Form to Request Equity Grant, within 12 months of the date of the cause of the claim or from the date of the Institute’s denial of the claim for benefits.

Burial expenses

The National Insurance Institute pays burial expenses for every person who dies and is buried in Israel and for every resident of Israel who dies abroad and is buried in Israel.

Burial expenses are paid directly to the Chevra Kadisha, local authority or public institution handling the burial.

Benefits not collected by the eligible person

In the event that a person receiving dependents’ benefits dies before collecting the entirety of the benefit due to him/her - the remainder of the benefit shall be paid to his/her survivors.

If the person eligible for the benefit has no survivors - the remainder of the benefit shall be paid to a person who can prove that s/her provided critical goods or services to the eligible person over the previous year without compensation, on the condition that the claim for payment of the remainder of the benefit is submitted within 12 months of the death of the eligible person. The amount of the remainder shall be no greater than the amount of the benefit for the six months prior to the death of the eligible person.

If a person eligible for dependents’ benefits dies without submitting a claim for benefits - his/her survivors are eligible to submit a claim for benefits due to him/her within 12 months of the date of death.