How to submit a claim

A claim for dependents’ benefits must be submitted in writing, by filling out the claim of allowance to dependents of work Injured at the local NII branch. The claim may also be submitted by mail, fax, or in a service box at the local branch.
The following documents must be attached to the claim, as evidence of the claimant’s eligibility:
  1. Confirmation from the employer of the deceased; period of employment and wages during the 3 months preceding the injury, or pay slips if there is no employer signature on the claim form.
  2. Confirmation of income, for a widower who does not have a child living with him and who is able to support himself.
  3. Medical documentation of the health condition of the widow/er who is unable to support him/herself and is under the age of 50 and does not have children living with him/her; as well as medical documentation of the health condition of a widower who is unable to support himself and is over the age of 50 and does not have children – if his salary is above the amount determined.
  4. Medical documentation for a widow who is pregnant, including confirmation of the month of pregnancy.
  5. Confirmation from a school that a child aged 18-20 is a student, or confirmation from the following institutions of national service for a daughter aged 18-20: Haaguda Lehitnadvut Baam, the Jerusalem Municipality, Shlomit, Emuna, Shalhevet.
  6. Confirmation from the IDF’s Adjutant Corps that a child under the age of 24 is in regular service, including the date of enlistment and expected release date.
  7.  Confirmation from the Adjutant Corps of service in a pre-army framework or unpaid service after enlistment.
  8. Confirmation of deferral of army service due to soldier-student studies.
  9. Confirmation of deferral of army service due to volunteer service.
  10. Medical documentation on the health condition of parents, siblings, or grandparent of the deceased who are unable to support themselves, or declaration of their income as proof that most of their livelihood came from the deceased.
  11. Bank confirmation or a cancelled check confirming the bank account to which benefits are requested.