Submitting a benefit claim during medical treatment

If, as a result of the injury, you are on sick leave or receiving medical treatment which prevents you from working (upon certificate from the attending physician, through sick certificates) - you may be entitled to medical treatment compensation, provided that you are not paid any wage or other indemnity during that period.

The claim for benefit during medical treatment must be submitted to your local branch of the National Insurance, by one of the following ways:

The claim must be submitted within one year from the date of the injury. A claim that is not submitted on time may impair your right to the benefit.

The following documents must be attached to the claim:

  • Medical authorization of incapacity to work, signed by a doctor acting on behalf of aa authorized medical service.
  • A salaried employee must attach documents on his salary for the three months preceding the injury (each month should be itemized separately, including income tax, national and health insurance contributions).
  • A self-employed worker must attach income tax assessments for the current year and the year that preceded his injury, to prove the rate at which his income was reduced.
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