Going to work and still receiving a pension

You work and wish to start receiving a pension

If you are working and wish to start receiving a disability pension, you may be entitled to a pension if your income is lower than NIS 7,122 (as of Jan 01, 2023), provided that you also meet the other conditions of entitlement.

In order to receive the pension, you must submit a claim for disability pension.

You receive a pension and wish to start working

If you receive a disability pension, you can go out to work, expand the amount of income from work and still receive the pension. The overall income form your work and your pension will always be higher than the amount of the pension alone, it is therefore worth your while to go out to work!


  • The degree of earning incapacity that was determined for you will remain unchanged, even if you start working.
  • If you stopped working, you can return to work and receive the disability pension, in the same fashion you did before starting to work, without being examined by a Medical Committee - as long as your degree of incapacity is still valid.

How much you are allowed to earn and still receive a pension

Your overall amount of income from work and pension will always be higher than the amount of the pension alone.
Pension rate varies according to your income, the amount of income affecting the pension changes according to the degree of incapacity:

Simulator for the calculation of general disability pension.

Pension increments and accompanying benefits

As long as you receive a disability pension, you will continue to receive in-full the additional monthly pension and other accompanying benefits.

Furthermore, if you are earning monthly more than NIS 2,493 (as of Jan 01, 2023), you may be entitled to a full increment for spouse and children, provided that you have earning incapacity degree of  74%, 65% or 60%.

Job placement and vocational rehabilitation

The National Insurance Institute’s rehabilitation services are provided by social workers who assist you in finding a job and a vocational training that will give you the right tools for job integration.

We invite you to contact the Rehabilitation Department at your local NII branch, in order to check the rehabilitation program that will enable you to integrate into a job. To arrange a meeting to consult with a rehabilitation worker, please call tel. 02-643488.

You stopped working

Whether you stopped working or your income lowered, it is important to notify us, to enable us taking-up your rights.
Important tip! If you have stopped working, please check your rights to unemployment or income support benefits.