Notifying the date of return to work

Anyone who took an unpaid leave or was dismissed due to the coronavirus crisis, needs to notify us about the date of return to work.

Payment of unemployment benefit will be discontinued according to date of return to work. Eligibility for and amount of income support benefit will be reviewed based on your income, so it is important to notify your return to work immediately.

For detailed (in Hebrew) about return to work, click here.

Reporting return to work

To the attention of employers

  • If you have asked your employee to come back to work after the unpaid leave - the employee must come back and work under the same conditions that applied to him prior to the unpaid leave.
  • The employee who refuses to return to work - will not be entitled to the payment of unemployment benefits for the duration of his refusal.
  • You are asked to report to us the date of return to work of your employers by means of the payroll system.