Number of days of entitlement to payment per month

The unemployment benefit is a daily benefit paid on condition that the unemployed person reports to the Employment Service Bureau on the days and hours that he is instructed to do so. The number of days for which the unemployment benefit is paid may vary from month to month, depending on the number of possible work days in that month, and they do not include Saturdays or holidays. An unemployed person who reports as required in the course of a month will receive payment for all the possible work days in that month.

If you were ill on the day that you were supposed to report to the Employment Service bureau, you must bring a doctor's note and present it to the placement clerk in the bureau on the next day that you report there.

If you know you will not be able to report to the bureau due to reserve military duty, you must let the placement clerk know about this in advance. After you complete your reserve duty, you must present the placement clerk with the relevant authorization from the IDF.

Still, the number of unemployment days to be paid may be reduced.

For the first five days of unemployment in each period of four consecutive months, no unemployment benefits are paid. However, your entitlement to the maximum period of benefit payment remains the same.      

Unemployment benefit is paid for days of mourning and 30 days of sick leave that  occur during the unemployment period; for the first two sick days, no unemployment benefit is paid unless the illness continues for at least 12 consecutive days. The unemployed person must provide the placement clerk at the Employment Service Bureau with certification of his illness from an authorized medical institution. A person participating in vocational training must provide the medical authorization to the training center in which they are studying.