The parent died in a work accident

A child whose parent died due a work accident or an occupational disease, is entitled to receive a "dependents" pension from the NII, as well as a maintenance allowance and a Bar Mitzvah grant.

  • Dependents' pension

Widow and widow with children – they will receive a dependents' pension for themselves and a supplement for the children. 

Pension rates paid to widow with children is calculated as a percentage of a full work disability pension.

A full disability pension is calculated based on 75% of the incomes earned by the deceased over his the last three months of work before the day he left due to the injury.

Maximum work disability pension – NIS 34,234 (as of Jan 01, 2022).

Rates of allowance for widow/er with children

Number of people

Allowance rate in percentages of full work disability pension
Widow/er + one child80% (including 20% increment for the child)
Widow/er + 2 children90% (including 30% increment for the children)
Widow/er + 3 or more children100% (including 40% increment for the children)



An allowance is paid for and directly to the children in following cases:

  1. Children left orphaned from both parents.
  2. Children living without their parent who is entitled to a dependents' pension.
  3. Children's parent is not entitled to dependents' pension (for instance: if she and the insured were divorced at the time of death).
  4. Children's parent remarried, and thereby stopped being entitled to monthly dependents' pensions.

Allowance rates for a child who is himself the allowance recipient are as below:

Number of children
Allowance rate in percentages of full work disability pension
One child60%
2 children80%
3 children90%
4 or more children100%


  • Maintenance allowance for children

  • Bar Mitzvah Grant
    A Bar Mitzvah grant is paid to a boy or a girl when they reach the age of 13 and 12, respectively. Grant rate represents 2/3 of the average wage in the economy, NIS 6,086 (as of Jan 01, 2022).