All coronavirus related guidelines of the National Insurance Institute

תאריך פרסום: 15.03.2020

Grant beneficiaries

In the wake of the novel coronavirus crisis, a 500 NIS grant will be paid for children, older people and some benefit recipients, i.e. general disability, income support or maintenance.
The grant will be paid this month.
Comprehensive information available on this link.

Unemployment benefits

Comprehensive information available - on this link

Guidelines to employers

Guidelines to employers compelled to shut down company operations or send employees in unpaid leave due to the coronavirus – Comprehensive information available on this link.

Guidelines to the self-employed and freelancers

Comprehensive information available on this link

Reporting to Employment Service

Unemployment benefits or income support

In order to receive unemployment benefits or income support, you must register with the Employment Service immediately upon work termination.
You can register and submit a claim for unemployment insurance benefits at the same time. Online registration is now available on the Employment Service's website.

Those registering with the Employment Service by March 19, 2020 will be considered registered since on March 15, 2020

After registering, you must follow the instructions of the Employment Service regarding in-person reporting at Employment Service Centers.

Income support

Income support benefit recipients who have a low-wage job, who were compelled to decrease or altogether stop their work due to the coronavirus crisis, will still receive the benefit at this stage. Please note that, upon your return to work, you must notify us via the website.

Those who are not entitled to unemployment benefits, and have low or no income at all – shall check their eligibility for income support. One must register with Employment Service immediately upon work cessation, and at the same time submit a claim for income support benefit. Please note, in the Employment Servicer registration form, you must indicate under the "claim type" field – income support.

Temporary extension of period of eligibility for benefits recipients

We have automatically extended the eligibility period of benefits recipients temporarily:
  • Recipients of long-term care benefits – who were granted a temporary eligibility until the end of March, their entitlement to the benefit will automatically be extended until 31.5.2020.
  • Recipients of disability pension, disabled child benefit and attendance benefits – whose right to the benefit is meant to end during the months of March, April or May, they will automatically receive their benefit for 4 additional months.
  • Recipients of a work disability pension:
    Those whose entitlement to the pension ends between 1.1.20 and 31.3.20 – will receive the pension until 30.6.2020.
    Those whose entitlement to the pension ends between 1.4.20 and 30.4.20 – will receive the pension until 31.7.2020.
    Those whose entitlement to the pension ends between 1.5.20 and 31.5.20 – will receive the pension until 31.8.2020.
    Those whose entitlement to the pension ends between 1.6.20 and 30.6.20 – will receive the pension until 31.9.2020.
  • Recipients of hostile actions casualty benefit – their right to a benefit will be subject to a 3-month extension.
The above will be duly notified to all benefits recipients qualifying for an extension of eligibility.
Concerning further extensions – we will assess the situation based on latest developments and keep you informed.

Existence of Medical Boards

As of Sunday, May 17, 2020, Medical Boards will gradually resumed their activity in all matters, and hold audience in the insured’s and representatives’ attendance, in full compliance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Health.
Please note that anyone invited to a Medical Board will be sent a message, and you will also receive information about Medical Board schedule on the Personal Service website.

Long-term care

Recipients of long-term care benefit who are afraid to let a caregiver into their home due to the coronavirus crisis, may request to receive a benefit in cash instead of home care services, until 31.12.2020.

  • For those who already receive a cash benefit instead of care services – payment of the benefit in cash will be automatically extended up to 31.12.2020.
  • Those who did not request for a cash benefit – must submit an application to us either through our telephone call center at *2637 or by means of an inquiry form on our website.
Concerning the elderly who stopped their visits to day center due to the coronavirus – the day center will contact them to help them find an alternative program during that period.

Work injury

              • Anyone who contracted Covid-19 as a result of exposure to an infected person at the workplace will be recognized as a work-injury victim.
              • Anyone who has been in quatanting - may not be recognized as a work-injury victim.
              • New work injury claims will automatically be approved for a minimum period of 30 days (even if the initial medical certificate is for a shorter period), unless there is information about a return date to work earlier.
              • Please submit to us a claim for work-injury allowance (the form should be filled out as an "injury at work" and not as an occupational disease).

Thermal cures and reunion visits for victims of hostile actions

Updates to hostile actions casualties in regard to: treatment in thermal cures, repatriate bereaved family members from abroad and life certificates.
More information on this link.

Life certificates

Due to the spread of the novel coronavirus around the world, we understand that, in some countries, it might be troublesome to obtain a life certificate from the Consulates, following movement restrictions imposed to the population or Consulates reduced emergency working hours.

Those leaving abroad and required to provide a life certificate to continue receiving a benefit, may provide us with a life certificate by the month of September 2020.
We will continue to pay the benefit to those who are required to give us a life certificate by the month of September (benefit payment will be discontinued for those failing to submit the certificate on that deadline).
If this situation persists, we will release updated guidelines concerning the submission of life certificates.

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