Domestic workers

Domestic workers compelled to stop their activity because of the coronavirus crisis, may be eligible for unemployment benefits.

Eligibility for unemployment benefits will be assessed according to their compliance with the conditions of entitlement.

Domestic workers who saw a reduction in their working hours or are in self-quarantine for two weeks, are not entitled to unemployment benefits.

For a list of activities included in the definition of domestic worker: click here

Those who returned to work are asked to notify us. For online notification, click here.

Here is the required set of actions to receive unemployment benefits:

Reporting to Employment Service

In order to receive unemployment benefits, you must register with the Employment Service immediately upon work termination.
After registering, you must follow the instructions of the Employment Service regarding in-person reporting at Employment Service Centers.

Submitting a claim for unemployment benefits to the National Insurance Institute

  • To shorten the claim processing time, we ask you to file a claim for unemployment benefit (BL/1500) online on our website and indicate the ground of work termination: suspension of work.
  • You must attach to the claim an employer authorization of employment period and pay (Form 1514), and indicate under ground of work termination: other reason – coronavirus, or else attach the employer's letter, signed and stamped by the employer, indicating that work termination occurred as results of the coronavirus crisis.
    If you have several employers – you must attach an authorization from all employers.
  • We advise you to sign up to the Personal Service Site, to be able to follow online the handling process of your claim.

Amount of unemployment benefit

For a quick and easy calculation of the benefit according to your salary, you can use this unemployment benefit calculator.
For more information about benefit rates, click here.

Period of eligibility for unemployment benefits

The number of days for which you can receive unemployment benefits varies according to your age and family composition – for more information see this link.

During the unemployment period, you must be available for job offers from the Employment Service, and reach the Bureau of the Employment Service at scheduled times for you, just like any other job seeker.

If during the period of entitlement to unemployment benefit, you receive an available job offer and obtain the job – you have the obligation to notify the dates of training (in which you are actually not unemployed) to the National Insurance Institute or to the Employment Service: if you notified the National Insurance Institute – the amount of income will be deducted from the total unemployment benefits due to you; and if you notified the Employment Service – please request not be enlisted as job seeker during the specific lapse of time you have worked.

Who to contact?

For any questions about reporting to Employment Service, you should contact the Employment Service.
If you have any questions regarding claim submission, you can contact our call center at *6050 or send an online inquiry directly to your branch.