The parent died from disease or accident

A child, Israeli resident, who died (not including death caused by a hostile action or a crime) will be entitled to a survivors' pension, provided that the deceased meets the conditions of entitlement to a survivors' pension prior to his/her death. 

A child who attends high school may also be eligible for a maintenance allowance.

Orphans receive a paid bonus time: white age 13; girls at the age of 12.

Simulator to check eligibility for survivors' pension


Allowance to a widow / widower

A widower and a widow who are eligible for survivors' pension will receive their entitlement with a supplement for the children who are living with them.
If the children do not live with the entitled parent, the supplement will be paid for the child to the body who supports him / her, for instance the Minister of Social Affairs and Social Services who supports the child placed in boarding school or a foster family.

Under certain circumstances, an orphan age 18 can receive a supplement for himself from his parent's survivors' pension.

A member of a kibbutz or a moshav – allowance is paid upon your request, to the bank account of the kibbutz or moshav.
A person who is institutionalized and mainly supported by a public body – his allowance will be split between that person and the public body concerned, at the request of the latter.


Amounts of survivors' pension to widow/er

Widow/er aged 40-50 without children NIS 1,304 (as of Jan 01, 2024)
Widow/er aged 50 and older without children NIS 1,736 (as of Jan 01, 2024)
Widow/er aged 80 and older NIS 1,622 (as of January 1, 2018)
Widow/er with one child NIS 2,550 (as of Jan 01, 2024)
Widow/er with two children NIS 3,364 (as of Jan 01, 2024)
For each additional child NIS 720 (as of January 1, 2018)

Seniority increment

Survivors of a person who had 11 or more years of insurance prior to his/her death are entitled to a seniority increment.
Increment rate: for every year, as of insurance year 11 – 2% of the pension.
Maximum rate of the increment – 50%.

Pension to an orphan

An orphan will be entitled to a survivors' pension for himself, if his parent is not eligible for a survivors' pension, for instance: a parent who is divorced or chose to receive a general or work disability pension instead of the survivors' pension to which he was entitled.

Pension for orphan will be paid to:

  • If the child lives with his parent, the pension is paid to his parent.
  • If the child's parent does not live in Israel or is legally incompetent, the pension is paid to the guardian appointed by the court or a competent tribunal.
  • If the child lives elsewhere than his parent's home, the pension is paid to whom supports the child, provided that this person lives in Israel.

An orphan over 18 years old can, under certain conditions, receive the pension on his own bank account.
When a child stays in an institution, and is mainly supported by a public body, the pension will be split between the child and the public body, at the request of the latter. 

Pension rates for a child

Paid to a child under special circumstances (orphaned from both parents or with one parent who is not himself entitled to survivors' pension).     

Pension amount for each child NIS 1,079 (as of Jan 01, 2024)

Maintenance allowance for children

Bar/Bat Mitzvah grant