Definition of wife

Is considered a "wife" for purposes of increment to an old-age pension, the Israeli resident who meets all three conditions listed below:

First condition

  • She has borne you a child
  • She has been your wife (including a common-law spouse living with you) for at least one year.

Second condition

  • She is at least 45 years old
  • She has your child with her

Third condition

  • Her monthly income do not exceed NIS 6,014 (as of Jan 01, 2020)
  • She is 65 years old or more, in accordance with her month and year of birth as detailed in the table below:

Wife's date of birth

Wife's age in which her income is not taken into account




June 1939


July 1939

August 1939

65 and 4 months

September 1939

April 1940

65 and 8 months

May 1940

December 1940


January 1941

August 1941

66 and 4 months

September 1941

April 1942

66 and 8 months

May 1942



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