Disabled parking permit

​A disabled parking permit allows the disabled person to park the car in handicapped parking spaces, and on special conditions, in spaces where parking is forbidden. Comprehensive information on disabled parking permit can be found on the Ministry of Transport's website.

Who is entitled to receive a disabled parking permit?

Are entitled to the disabled parking permit those who meet one of the following conditions:

  • A disabled person who needs a car as a means of transport because of his disability.
  • A disabled whose degree of disability reaches 60% at least and whose health may be aversely affected if he or she uses transport other than the car.
  • A disabled person with limited mobility, who needs a wheelchair for his or her mobility.

There are other criteria than can be found on the Ministry of Transport's website.

Process of reception and renewal of a disabled parking permit

In order to obtain an exemption of payment of fees related to registration and disabled parking permit, you shall contact the Ministry of Transport, and attach te following documents:

  • Claim form for disabled parking permit.
  • Photocopy of ID and attachment.
  • A letter with your signature, mentioning the car license numbers to appear on the parking permit (up to two cars).
  • Photocopy of car licenses.
  • Photocopy of medical protocol.

The Ministry of Transport will decide if you are entitled to receive an exemption from the registration and disabled parking permit fee.