Disability card

Who can receive a "disability card"?

Anyone who receives one of the following benefits from the National Insurance Institute is entitled to receive a "Disability card": general disability pension, attendance allowance, benefit for disabled child, mobility allowance, compensation for scalp ringworm victims and polio victims.

A person with a disability who nevertheless does not receive a benefit, will obtain a disability card in the following cases:

  • Anyone who has been examined by the Medical Board for the single purpose of income tax exemption and for whom has been determined a degree of medical disability of 90% at least.
  • Anyone who does not receive a benefit in practice and for whom has been determined a degree of disability of 90% at least.
  • Anyone for whom has been determined an incapacity degree of 60% or more and who does not receive a benefit due to income, sick leave, insurance premium arrears or because he is the recipient of another benefit which cancels his entitlement to a disability pension.
  • Any child living in a foster family who does not receive a disabled child allowance - approval based on a list provided by the Ministry of Social Affairs.

How do I obtain this card?

The card is automatically sent by mail to its recipients by the National Insurance Institute(NII), and shall arrive within a month since confirmation that a claim for benefit is approved or that a benefit is renewed (for those who have been granted a temporary benefit).

Therefore there is no need to contact the National Insurance Institute for the purpose of obtaining the card. 

If you did not receive your card in the mail (probably due to a wrong address), or if you lost your card, please contact us through our call center at *6050 or approach a NII branch nearest your place of residence. 

Please make sure that the National Insurance Institute has your correct and updated address.

Card validity

Your card is valid for seven years or until you are no longer entitled to a benefit, whatever is earlier. At the end of this period, if you are still entitled to a benefit, you will receive a new card automatically in the mail. Persons who are no longer entitled to a benefit will receive a letter clarifying that their card is no longer valid and that they therefore should not use it any more.

If you received a disability pension close the age of retirement and have a valid degree of incapacity, you are entitled to receive a disability card even beyond retirement age.


Under the Equality of Rights Regulations for Persons with Disabilities (Accessibility of Services) 2013, persons (both adults and children) with intellectual or mental disability or having autistic spectrum disorder (ASD), do not have to stand in line to obtain services or to pay for an accompanying person.

The "disability card" has been adapted to these regulations; the words "exempt from line/payment for an accompanying person" have been added to the back of the card.

Your name and ID number are written on the card, but there is no picture; you therefore have to show your ID card as well when asking for a benefit or discount.

If it is written on your "disability card" that you are exempt from waiting on line, this applies also to visit at the local NII branches, please present an identifying document to the security guard or to an information clerk.

At the request of some persons with disabilities, we have begun issuing bilingual cards (in Hebrew and English).